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With the Chance of Sky


Show me the precise moment;

when your unfamiliar sky is at its exact height to which you can now call it sky.


As the unrest in the clouds

representing thoughts of an entire planets inhabitants clear; to reset control.


Now that being there; is now always near

And since then where have we’ll been? –

By the fridge near that bridge…

Leaning on the ridge of ‘Decorated Windowsill Hill.’



footprints cislandAs you stare; stop looking… for answers on every wave, and under the tiring sun that lowers into its new water bed: forever creased. Each nearing roll of surf perpetually attends to the beach where you wander; reaching out and soaking, smoothing scars of soft land and human hand, from land loving creatures.

The bubbling roar of white noise; rising and dipping in volume; teasing your ears into hearing frequencies from lost radios stations: faulty and alluring. Every time this happens something is taken from you, soon replaced by a specific space to lighten your walk inland.

All this… as you stand, feet sucked by gooey miniature rocks that table gels of dead jelly fish; glistening like little brains of the sea; forced up upon confusion and violence from the mighty froths of wash.









The intensity of wake turbulence

The sucking energy of undertow

In the midst

Of trembling heat-haze


Between ever-decreasing circles


An echo followed

By a future muted echo

And delay is breeding its alarm

People bugs

Engulfed and entwined

Contained and compressed

In webs of self-inflicted time


By manmade life

Daydreamer Setting555999

A drawn boy walking in a bubble


I notice that you’re a dreamer

That you continue to stand there,

With Sir Polar Bear;

Engulfed in its colossal shadow,

And I can see that you know,

That I know

That you know this too.

It seems you can be forever surrounded,

By an endless sea of molten metals

Your mysterious lands;


Decomposing with rust;

Endlessly being anchored –

By your hidden flamboyance

Always to be taken –

By complex science

To a certain past

And a future lost.


Rising Fall

Losing my grip now,

and so gravity ensures

my future’s prescribed.

Gently tumbling;



like a fleck of fresh dust.

How structure and design

now discards me;

to unearth odd ceilings;

calmly engage my feet;

on hovering,