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When your’re out in a Storm

When the weather closes in around you

And the ferocious winds turn against you

When the rain falls likes bullets to hurt you

And thunder deafens like cruel words

Along with its lightning continuously trying to shock you

I will be there

Your hand in mine

To help you to shelter

Find the calmness after every storm

I’m the relief in the burst of sudden sun rays

The bandage for all your wounds

Il silence the thunder into peace and birdsong

I am the earth that absorbs the lightning

I will hold you tight

I will see you right



footprints cislandAs you stare; stop looking… for answers on every wave, and under the tiring sun that lowers into its new water bed: forever creased. Each nearing roll of surf perpetually attends to the beach where you wander; reaching out and soaking, smoothing scars of soft land and human hand, from land loving creatures.

The bubbling roar of white noise; rising and dipping in volume; teasing your ears into hearing frequencies from lost radios stations: faulty and alluring. Every time this happens something is taken from you, soon replaced by a specific space to lighten your walk inland.

All this… as you stand, feet sucked by gooey miniature rocks that table gels of dead jelly fish; glistening like little brains of the sea; forced up upon confusion and violence from the mighty froths of wash.









The intensity of wake turbulence

The sucking energy of undertow

In the midst

Of trembling heat-haze


Between ever-decreasing circles


An echo followed

By a future muted echo

And delay is breeding its alarm

People bugs

Engulfed and entwined

Contained and compressed

In webs of self-inflicted time


By manmade life