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Walking With You

Walking with you

I hadn’t noticed the stones in my shoes

That the weather was abysmally rude

Throwing down all it had left

And so it was only then

That I noticed

I was soaked right through

And in some pain

Only then

When we went our separate ways

Shutting my front door

My hand remained poised

Until a heavy sigh

Sent me out into the rain once again


3 Poems in 3 Minutes

Human Clock


Whenever I think of you

I never choose to bleed time

I just do


Moon Collapse


The moon collapsed

And the sea never saw that coming

So the Sun took its place

And the sea dried up from bad plumbing


The Race to the Lake


They ran

They swam

They ran back

To the van

Bald Love


12 year old Jack found his feet very loosely tied to some railings.

His 11 year old girl-fraud proceeded to stuff newly cut grass down his trunks for the sheer love of it.

She found the whole thing hilarious. Jack was pleased that she was enjoying his company, if a little confused.

At school, the next day, he found out that half the school though he was a baldy!