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Home Time Vignette


Flow your tears
Connecting with rain
Dripping with gravity
Drop racing
Off your chin
Plummeting down
Your raincoat
Dangling precarious
From your footsteps
Nourishing on touch
Do upon their landing
Shake dandelion manes
Electrify buttercups neon
Daisy-chain a pathway
To somebody loved
Someone who waits for you
To dry your cheeks
Dehumidify lingering mists
Hold chilled emotions
Like a cool pebble in a new sun
Smoothed with soft fingers
Under crows feet
And umbrella
Then you disappear
In a buttoned fabric shelter
Merging tributary
Into heavy flesh of loving arms
Home time


“So you see, i think you’ve got the long end of a very short stick!” Said the man.

“You mean the wrong end of the stick!!” Replied the woman.

“Listen, you’re misunderstanding me!”

“Believe me, i’m not, but your phrase is all wrong and frankly, quite ridiculous!”

Little did he know that she was a veteran contestant and all time winner of the Catchphrase television show, and would’nt let this man off the hook easily (tragically, much later, the man felt the sharp end of one and finally had his chips!!)

Wait on Waiter



He said, “Wait a minute!” I’m not waiting in that sitting room, I’ll be over there, sitting in the waiting room — I can take the weight off my feet!”

While sitting in the waiting room, the waiters were busy waiting to set the table; as so he didn’t have to wait (because that’s what waiters are supposed to do!).

Then, they could wait on him.

The weight on him was something else! The waiters had noticed that while they waited for him to choose where he wanted to sit!

Eventually, his table was ready, but only after waiting for everybody else to finish and leave where they were sitting; typical, because that’s only where he wanted to sit!

Eventually, after an excruciatingly long decision on what he wanted to eat, whatever he happened to choose was off the menu. Three unwanted, overcooked meals followed, and with every excruciating wait the waiters arrived decidedly — very much late.

Before the bill, everyone fell ill, and in the end, all that waiting killed them (quite literally) in just one sitting. Much, much later they were carried off the establishment; in bags… none the less, only for the ambulances that carried them away to breakdown — in impassable traffic… what rotten luck!


Slow Bugs of Late Summer






Late summer bugs

Fly dive


Scuttle drunken

Lazily in ale

Under chilled verticals

Daggers of British rain

Flooding them magnetic

Unto themselves


The unloving

The programmed

Flutter precarious

With microscopic futures

Gumming abreast

Billions of batches

Altogether connected

Too impossibly dense

Worlds of forestation

Of extraordinary family trees

Slowed to pause