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When your’re out in a Storm

When the weather closes in around you

And the ferocious winds turn against you

When the rain falls likes bullets to hurt you

And thunder deafens like cruel words

Along with its lightning continuously trying to shock you

I will be there

Your hand in mine

To help you to shelter

Find the calmness after every storm

I’m the relief in the burst of sudden sun rays

The bandage for all your wounds

Il silence the thunder into peace and birdsong

I am the earth that absorbs the lightning

I will hold you tight

I will see you right

It’s You

I long for your caress

As my iced heart now positively thaws for you

I crave for your touch

As the hairs on my skin

Knowingly Awaken for you

I pine for your kiss

As the ghost of your lips

Search, as mine do for you

I yearn for your words

As my heart throbs a new beat in rhythm for you

I ache for your embrace

As my body resets to be completely and only for you

I hunger for your companionship

As my mind that wandered

Now has direction straight to you

And I desire your passion for me

As I wait ever so patiently to be with you


The wind that sails the boat

The buoyancy thats make it float

The sail to power us in certain weather

The hull that that keep us closer together

Yes we have ourselves a boat

For whoever doubts us please take note

We’re sailing where others are grounded

Even we don’t know when this boat was founded

On distant seas and between undiscovered land

Our boat keeps us all in hand

Moving forward, then peacefully still

Never wasting precious time for the thrill

And when the water settles around us

Acts as a mirror to prove we are there

We shall now name our boat

On the sail above

Our boat will be forever called


Thingmebob Thingmejig



Hey! Mr Thingmebob! What are you?

Oh I’m similar to you Miss Thingmejig, that is… you are my only clue.

That’s nice! but not useful, I need to know more!

Ok, you’re something forgotten that somebody left before.

Soothing… how charming that I fill that void, really though, i’m less than buoyed!

Listen, we’re something! stick with me, in our confusion… we’ll both be happy!