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Shock of a Fairground Fire

I could just make out the rotating horses, hear them; braying in the fire, leaping above an abusive smoke.

It seemed that despite the ever loosening grip on their painted reigns, the deafening funfair did not cease to roar upon it, with hellish flames.

Accompanied then by sounds of yesterday’s children, I witnessed the horses escape to the fields of evergreen.

I and them, together, they then turned and shared my shock of a fairground fire; hungry for what remained of their vintage carousel.

Noise War

A dog raises his head and barks while a man drops his head and shouts.

The dog barks and lifts its head as the man continues to shout.

Near-bye, a waiting car, its engine revs in frustration, the man shouts at

the car.

The dog continues to bark at the man, at the car, at itself.

Then, across the road, a woman, from her house, opens a window, and she

shouts from afar.

The man looks at the woman and shouts while the car engine revs that little bit


When a child is heard crying, the car then screams with revs while the

dog proceeds to bark at everything.

The woman in the houses’ phone rings. Her ringtone replicates the

the sound of a barking dog.

She answers her phone and says, “Hello?” Suddenly a temporary silence

deafens the neighbourhood; shortly before everybody feels the drum of

mysterious aeroplanes.

Boarding Details of a Slight Return (Nostalgia Poem)


Sky rays

The familiarity

Turquoise Sun

Welcoming sound

to everyone

Faceless ghosts


Faceless hosts


Personalized movie

Scenes to fit

One front row seat

To stand or sit

Fires are cooler

Multicoloured flames

Rose tinted

Memory fooler

Unacquainted to

remembered names

With a slower me

and a slower you

Me and me

Washed out

Beach garden house


and another you

Visualize and memorize



The Caretakers Moon


On a moon coloured in pastel by Martian gods, is a shed with a caretaker as secretly ancient as he his obvious in youth.

With every rotation of his moon, he leaves his shed to stand in perfect black shadow, precisely the same time as a series of planetary alignments allow a galactic causeway showing him his journey from where he once came.

The Caretakers causeway; interrupted by comets as they so travel, rolling silently at their own individual speeds. He recognises the subtle differences within their empowering thunder; with giving each broken star his full, undivided attention, they speak of their magnificent beginnings.

The continuous comets with their immeasurable tails sweep up the remains of lost satellites, so crude in their making, harbouring evidence that nothing ever happens like the scientists say (but some are closer than they think!).

The Caretaker, having lost his home in such unexplainable circumstances, he then transmits his sorrow through dark space matter to create positive universes.

Over, around, between and through time The Caretaker regenerates, flesh to matter, it is then he stares at a cluster of irregular stars as they near. Suddenly he is with his predecessors; a vanguard that smothers the entire surface of the moon with their vaccine.  Linking themselves together by heads they spin cycle the moon into a devastating and most wondrous nebula.

Meanwhile, on a quieter side of an opposing Moon, is another shed entrance that shares the reflection of everything, in times past, present and future. One message clearly resides by every communication possible, ‘Please take care!’

It is then, out of the shadows of planets, a new caretaker makes his way.


The Ice Is Hot When It Thaws

As the ice in my hand gently thaws,

my butterfly’s go and fly better having gone, and yet, I haven’t even begun.

I’ll climb the mountains, I’ll wade in and along with the streams.

I am forever magnified in there waters like a vibrant bug in a glass jar.

But do I think hard? Do I? Do I think?

The answer is yes, for too long. So long that it’s no longer thinking at all.

How I can waste time so easily in haste.

Now, lesser do I wish to think, for i am with beauty and in dream.