Monthly Archives: November 2016

6 Waters Deep

The Future Police arrested themselves today

Near a puddle at the end of Watery Lane.

Hope abandoned hope as the day left crying

Dance reflections rippled in flood; to drown the drain.



Now that being there; is now always near

And since then where have we’ll been? –

By the fridge near that bridge…

Leaning on the ridge of ‘Decorated Windowsill Hill.’

Wind Paintings

Some sunlit Sunday when the wind began to paint; swirling lines around windowed tombstones,

Chroming dull, jutting decay and the ironic dancing of litter; saturated with audacities,

Shading the herding commuters with realism and the scattered loiterers in impressionism.

Not forgetting the multi-toning of everything with tornadoes, and the requisite highlighting with hurricanes.

Then for some; the inability will be – to see the bigger picture; with all the unnecassary force

Of incessant rains upon swollen, rolling seas.

This weather has found it’s new career.