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Mind… the Gap

Mind the gap

For there is a place

A slit in time

With an empty space

Sending you through

In a unknown direction

Travelling sideways

To another dimension

Mouth it clearly

But don’t make a sound

Commute this

The London Intheground


With the Chance of Sky


Show me the precise moment;

when your unfamiliar sky is at its exact height to which you can now call it sky.


As the unrest in the clouds

representing thoughts of an entire planets inhabitants clear; to reset control.

The Hexagon-Shaped-Phone

Recently, I’ve been spoken to: on a hexagon-shaped-phone. The voice was more in the phone than on it. The voice told me; real soft, that if they had to call me again, just one more time, they would tell me, most vehemently, of how much I’ve fucked up!

Then, by continuously fluffing my pillows with extinct feathers; that I had done so for the last time.

The voice then whispered for dramatic effect; saying that I had left them no choice but to – And at that moment I panicked, so I cut the voice off and have been waiting by the phone ever since!