Monthly Archives: June 2016

Teenage Lust




He was all of eighteen summers,

She: just seventeen short winters.

In love; he connected fully with spring,

In love; her longing best served in autumn.

Together they lasted all but four seasons.

And yet years later; as they recall,

They’re split was for no reason at all.


Remember Me/You

When faces stick to names… then they’re gone completely;
Slow burning from the unsmoked fires of rainbow coloured flame.
As sentences of broken code are pillowed, all memory weathered in sheet lightning, reflections of you lie as you reflect on delayed whispers; that speed  you through to inevitable sleep.

Some Telephone Conversation (She Said)




So I said wouldn’t you have thought they would of known?

She said I know.

I said, well it’s just not good enough!

She said I know.

I know you know I said, but I’ve said I’ve said one too many times already!

She said she hadn’t noticed until I mentioned it.

But then, she said, thinking about it she said, I didn’t like to say but that she was glad that I had said so… in the end.

So that made us really laugh, and then we both said, ‘speak to you soonly’ at exactly the same time!

We just wet ourselves laughing!

I think we told just about everybody about it! Anyway, I had the dinner in the oven, and she said her son had just popped in to say hello, so we had to say goodbye…. yep, bye, oh ok, oh no! Really? Never-mind, yep, bye-bye then, yeah, ok…by then!