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A Day to Forget


“See you tomorrow!” said today.

“No I won’t!” said yesterday,

“I shall never see you again,

We only met at 12 midnight!”

“But that’s now!” said today.

Today heard no reply.

“Now that is plain rude!” said today,

“I shall have to tell tomorrow”.

Tomorrow arrived and today had forgotten.

“See you tomorrow!” said today.

The Awful Away Strip


Maurice hurriedly yanked his belt free and down flunked his shorts and pants.

The women in the room were opened mouthed, they waved their hands and cried no…no…no!

One by one they pinched their blouse as a belated gesture of your shirt! Your shirt!

Maurice froze in panic. He now felt he was a little hasty in his response to the commands of the airport security.

His wife and kids were stunned. Their first holiday abroad and already it hadn’t been at all what it had cracked up to be.

Don’t Ask Me!


‘Don’t ask me’ he said, ‘I don’t know!’

So I stopped asking, but then I thought, no!

So I asked him again.

He said, ‘I’m not really sure…I can’t explain’.

I said, ‘try again, think harder. Let… me… refrain’.

‘I don’t know’ he said, and then, ‘that is my answer’.

I said, ‘that’s not an answer at all’.

‘Tell me why you don’t know then and I’ll leave you alone?’

His reply was, ‘I’m not really sure. Do you have to moan?’

‘Ok’, I then asked, ‘do you know your name?’

He said, ‘of course I do, don’t you? Is this a game?’

‘No to the first question and yes I do know your name.

But I want you to tell me! And then never again!’

‘Why? He then asked.

I said, ‘Right now? I have no idea’.

‘Ah ha, do you see? Do you now understand?’

‘I think so’. Then I left.

That was more nonsense than I’d planned!’