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Rock Leaf Cloud Mountain

I am a rock

And you are the ocean

Your tides are your love

And I feel your every motion

I am a leaf

And you are the tree

Your always in spring

You will forever make me

I am a cloud

And you are the sky

Your vast beauty everlasting

I am never too high

I am a mountain

And you are my lake

Together in a postcard

A loving keepsake

Love in all Weathers

When the weather closes in around you

And the ferocious winds turn against you

When the rain falls like bullets to hurt you

And thunder deafens like cruel words

Then lightning, continuous, trying to shock you

I will be there

Your hand in mine

To help you shelter

Find the calmness after every storm

I’m the relief in the burst of sudden sun rays

The bandage for all your wounds

Il silence the thunder into peace and birdsong

I am the earth that absorbs the lightning

I will hold you tight

I will see you right


Branches bare

Black and white print

Cloud covered blanket

Adds shadow over tint


The frozen ground

Unpliable and plastic

Threatening, overhead

Dropping white static


The Sun feels its age

Winter owns this place

The warmth of my body

Versus the freeze of outer-space


I shiver in a fit

I breathe as a dragon

Red/Blue and swollen dead

I’m wintering, a cold cannon