Purely Cosmetic

As Beautiful Chloe gazed down into her open, little, black bag, the whole of her face slid off, into it, like hot saturated fat.

Faceless Chloe calmly zipped the bag closed and placed it on the bedside table, fumbled the cover off her bed and rolled under it, only then to wait impatiently for her sleep to arrive before morning.

4 thoughts on “Purely Cosmetic

    1. It goes to show how my mind can work when left alone for half-an-hour. Believe it or not my intention wasn’t to be macabre, an idea that just came to me. Reading it again i’d say — putting on a face to cover how you really are or feel, narcissism, does your conscience leave you lying awake at night, (you are always vulnerable when you are/or trying to sleep).

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      1. Sounds like a dangerous thing to be left unsupervised, your mind… I can see it wasn’t intended but it was definitely what I got from it – the combination of the face sliding, and the hot fat… *shudders* I figured it was more a metaphorical comment on the human psyche, which it manages to be, as well as making me wince.


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