Boy and Bird


Once there was a boy who was the living dead

He lived his life with a bird on his head

There the bird stood, it blinked quickly and often

Watching and observing its eyes would not soften


Funny, they looked different but yet much the same

Sharp nose, small eyes, spindly legs, round bodied frame

The boy spoke little, as the bird did the squawking

When the bird said chirp the boy did the walking


Chirp, tweet, chirp, tweet, chirp, cheep-cheep

The bird was only quiet when the boy was asleep

Tweet, Tweet! Squawked the bird, early in the morning

The boy heard little when his mouth wide from yawning


The boy, barely awake, a real zombie he did make

Chirp! Effing! Chirp said the bird, it means in English, For effs sake!

“Ok, enough!” said the boy and got on with his day

The bird shut his beak and thought who…Effing…Ray!




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