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Some Telephone Conversation (She Said)




So I said wouldn’t you have thought they would of known?

She said I know.

I said, well it’s just not good enough!

She said I know.

I know you know I said, but I’ve said I’ve said one too many times already!

She said she hadn’t noticed until I mentioned it.

But then, she said, thinking about it she said, I didn’t like to say but that she was glad that I had said so… in the end.

So that made us really laugh, and then we both said, ‘speak to you soonly’ at exactly the same time!

We just wet ourselves laughing!

I think we told just about everybody about it! Anyway, I had the dinner in the oven, and she said her son had just popped in to say hello, so we had to say goodbye…. yep, bye, oh ok, oh no! Really? Never-mind, yep, bye-bye then, yeah, ok…by then!



Wait on Waiter



He said, “Wait a minute!” I’m not waiting in that sitting room, I’ll be over there, sitting in the waiting room — I can take the weight off my feet!”

While sitting in the waiting room, the waiters were busy waiting to set the table; as so he didn’t have to wait (because that’s what waiters are supposed to do!).

Then, they could wait on him.

The weight on him was something else! The waiters had noticed that while they waited for him to choose where he wanted to sit!

Eventually, his table was ready, but only after waiting for everybody else to finish and leave where they were sitting; typical, because that’s only where he wanted to sit!

Eventually, after an excruciatingly long decision on what he wanted to eat, whatever he happened to choose was off the menu. Three unwanted, overcooked meals followed, and with every excruciating wait the waiters arrived decidedly — very much late.

Before the bill, everyone fell ill, and in the end, all that waiting killed them (quite literally) in just one sitting. Much, much later they were carried off the establishment; in bags… none the less, only for the ambulances that carried them away to breakdown — in impassable traffic… what rotten luck!


Slow Bugs of Late Summer






Late summer bugs

Fly dive


Scuttle drunken

Lazily in ale

Under chilled verticals

Daggers of British rain

Flooding them magnetic

Unto themselves


The unloving

The programmed

Flutter precarious

With microscopic futures

Gumming abreast

Billions of batches

Altogether connected

Too impossibly dense

Worlds of forestation

Of extraordinary family trees

Slowed to pause










The intensity of wake turbulence

The sucking energy of undertow

In the midst

Of trembling heat-haze


Between ever-decreasing circles


An echo followed

By a future muted echo

And delay is breeding its alarm

People bugs

Engulfed and entwined

Contained and compressed

In webs of self-inflicted time


By manmade life

Night (darker, longer)

Dark hoto of the sky at night


Deep in the night

You’re living your life lonely

Strung out before the dawn

Standing in the lounge




Rush blended

On palette

Many shades of night

Exhausted by being awake

And self-consciously

More awake than ever necessary

Overcome by the nocturnal

But sleep is somewhere




Temporarily in common with



Daydreamer Setting555999

A drawn boy walking in a bubble


I notice that you’re a dreamer

That you continue to stand there,

With Sir Polar Bear;

Engulfed in its colossal shadow,

And I can see that you know,

That I know

That you know this too.

It seems you can be forever surrounded,

By an endless sea of molten metals

Your mysterious lands;


Decomposing with rust;

Endlessly being anchored –

By your hidden flamboyance

Always to be taken –

By complex science

To a certain past

And a future lost.