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Anna Lies

Its’s all true, she said

Anna Liza lied

And even as she analysed

Her very own lies

All the while staring into Hanna’s eyes

Hanna tried easily to

Lie about disbelieving the

Lies Anna Liza told her

And she herself analysed

Anna’s lies that she spoke of

But Anna Lisa

Can see a liar a mile off;

When she sees one

And Hanna hasn’t met

A good liar yet

So both turned and left

Their lies lying

and so as it was

Anna and Hanna

Never met again

And for this reason

They were a little wiser…

But that could be lie

Uncontrollable Scene

For a while, we were individuals, instrumental even, only for something to send us into an unforgettable crescendo; then our heat-beats fused and we flew, we actually flew over ourselves, circling, voyeurs looking down upon our uncontrollable laughter, not one of us wanting to land … ever again.