Jeff’s Hair


Jeff hated his hair,

It looked ridiculous,

never looked right, ever.

He had tried many styles

and many colours to suit.


One day he simply had enough,

Jeff let his real hair grow.

Finally, he braved the world,

and the world was horrified.


From the sight of his real hair,

he was stunned by laser-gun

egged and kicked,

pushed over and spat at.

And then kissed, passionately,

by a young girl dressed in red.


Jeff was then arrested

by masked men in black;

for disturbing the peace

and exposing himself in public.


If that wasn’t enough

he then found himself hair-cuffed

And led away,

quarantined as soon as thrown

into a pulsating orb.


Suddenly the town was

back on program.

As for Jeff,

He really did hate his hair.

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