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Simplicity Tapes



An old cassette tape, when the light catches it handsomely it looks silvered and bronzed like a monument with little dates of significance.

The time is half-past-something or a quarter too, and the day really doesn’t care for its name.

Then I recall Septembers, that this September; the breeze has been as gentle and warm as breath exchanging from lovers in loose conversation.

Randomly, I feel a surge of discomfort within the thought of the inability to appreciate anything, while I continuously slip comfortably into taking average daily life for granted.

Three army helicopters throb, thunderously overhead. They pass in a mini apocalypse parade; for a moment the suburb is drowned with the sound of their rota-blades, the atmosphere feels as if it’s expanding in its protestation.

The air chooses to relax; dropping its noisy luggage, only to float upon its regular self, I notice from beyond my open window, two female voices; unexplainably but noticeably middle-aged, and motherly, using vocabulary that only just resembles my native tongue. I think perhaps that I’ve momentarily forgotten to understand my language.




September Poem

The seventh month

That’s actually the ninth

Those Romans still rule

But we can’t change it now

Why suddenly the embers

People start up the fires

And the burning I can smell

Quick close that bloody window

A signal to slow death of leaves

Look up and celebrate their beauty

Oops there drops another one

Somebody sweep that mess up!

August, the last noisy neighbour

September is the first peace in autumn

For winter is the drama-queen

So roll on next September