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Noise War

A dog raises his head and barks while a man drops his head and shouts.

The dog barks and lifts its head as the man continues to shout.

Near-bye, a waiting car, its engine revs in frustration, the man shouts at

the car.

The dog continues to bark at the man, at the car, at itself.

Then, across the road, a woman, from her house, opens a window, and she

shouts from afar.

The man looks at the woman and shouts while the car engine revs that little bit


When a child is heard crying, the car then screams with revs while the

dog proceeds to bark at everything.

The woman in the houses’ phone rings. Her ringtone replicates the

the sound of a barking dog.

She answers her phone and says, “Hello?” Suddenly a temporary silence

deafens the neighbourhood; shortly before everybody feels the drum of

mysterious aeroplanes.