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Dreams Awakened For Sleep


When you wake your still in a dream, he said to himself.

That was way way back, one early morning,

when only the night remained,

and all daytime was stuck in his dreams of his life awake.



I awoke to two drunks singing

My peace stinging like lost bees sipping honey

I was gonna vent


But alas I had no bucket of shit to fling

As distance intervened by sleepy syringe

Being emptied of any fuss

I dreamt heavy

And then

So unable to navigate with a bus

The First Flight of the Flightless Bird

Dren is a bird of that he knows and that is all.

He has no wings and his beak is useless and small.

What makes him a bird is his willingness to fly,

He dreams only this before it’s his turn to die.


As he looks to the heavens he sees robotic flight,

He reads up on his finding for endless days and a night.

Dren takes a test and now a pilot he can be sure,

This is a remedy to his miserable life of before.


As the plane goes up he remembers he’s a bird and sings

Then he opens his hatch and shits on my belongings.