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Sweet Death from the Thoughts of Dying

What a day I’ve had, earlier, I dream’t I was falling. Now that I’ve woken up, I really am! I’m sitting in the driving seat of my car, seat-belt on and plummeting over a ridiculously high cliff. I must of left the handbrake off you see. You’ve gotta laugh really – I intend to. I’m playing it over and over in my silly little mind, and yet nothing stops me from leaving that really useful handbrake off.  How clumsy of me, still, I’m going with a bang I suppose; even looks like I’m missing the tide that’s in. Not only am I gonna be smashed to bits bouncing off those rocks but burnt too; a true Hollywood explosion I can only imagine, just to be sure. Actually I’m quite lucky really cos I’ve always been terrified of the thought of drowning – and it’s funny, they say that it’s your life that flashes before y–

Apocalypse No!

Last weekend, Carol and Denny were a right randy little twosome.

They moaned together, writhing in their heavily soiled bed for two days straight.

All the while, stumbling about in their front garden, were rotting neighbours Bob and Jess.

Of which, were also moaning; all lumpen, stinking like mouldy old human paste in a bin full of used dog-s**t bags.

Apparently Bob and Jess had completely escaped Carol and Denny’s attention.

Until the next morning that was, when Monday’s blues bit them harder than usual.