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The Flawed (The Music’s Over)

The four of them sat waiting nervously: Average Man, 6th Sense Woman, The Vague, and Mr De’Ath.

Suddenly, over to their right, the one and only door swung inward; expelling pure white light bleaching them, equally. One by one, they stood and walked at half-speed into the overexposure; causing their bodies to be at first outlined, then dissolved and eaten hungrily by it.

As soon as they were no longer visible as the characters they resembled, the door behind them creaked in heavy, reverberating delay; closing ever-so-slowly. The room now settled into its own blank atmosphere once more, with only the sound of distant screams for its company.

Singing a Song That’s Being Sung as You Sing Along



I was in a band

I was in a band once

I played bass guitar

When I was in the band


I played the bass and sung

I sang once

When I was in the band

Did I tell you?


We nearly made it

The band

We got signed once

And I played the bass


We were on TV once

The band

I played the bass

We had… Ok, bye then

Speak to you later